the Broadway intensive

The Broadway Intensive Program is by invitation only and is Fort Myers only true intensive training program. Students invited to be a part of the program are trained as if they are a part of a professional show culminating in a full-scale production at years end.

Students are trained in comedic and dramatic skills built upon the theatre basics. They are trained vocally from sight reading through carrying harmonies and other skills needed to maintain vocal levels of training, dance and movement as well as theatre protocol, regulations, auditions, note taking skills, application of feedback and much more. This stage experience is like no other in Lee or surrounding counties! This is true training at its finest! See it all come to fruition in May of each year!

Emerging entertainers program

The Emerging Entertainers Program is a program for students who are interested in taking their training to the Pre Professional and Professional training level. They have the option of traveling to workshops, intensives, auditions and programs that further support their efforts to work in the Entertainment Industry. Whether it is behind or in front of the scenes where the work is sought, each individual is allowed the creative ability to develop, in conjunction with your coach, a comprehensive all encompassing training program. This allows your artist to develop and reach their goals in an accelerated track.

Command performance dance team program

The Command Performance Competition Team is by invitation only and now offers multiple tracks to fit family lifestyles of today. From our younger dancers to our oldest, each gain skill, self-confidence, learn social and team building skills, physical and mental strength as we work to be positive and strong competitors in the World of Dance. We also perform at local events throughout Lee County throughout the season.

For more information, see the Command Performance page here.


If you are interested in any of the above programs, please get in touch with us for more information and we will be happy to provide it to you!